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Ever since we opened our doors in 2001, we have been helping our clients with a variety of bookkeeping and financial services, and our roster of services has only grown since! We’re confident when we say we can help with anything from financing a mortgage to virtual assistants, and many more services in between! Please Contact Us (hyperlink) or explore our site to learn more about the services we provide and how Pro-Tax can help you and your business flourish!

 Since Pro-Tax & Notary’s inception in 2001, our mission has been to meet the individual and business tax needs of our clients with a personalized and professional approach. We are proud to offer 360-degree business solutions that allow our clients to focus on success, while we focus on the bottom line. We constantly seek to help the Hispanic community here in Holland, and to set a precedent for accessible and affordable tax services for everyone.

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Our services include bookkeeping, preparation of business and tax returns, planning, and payroll.

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Tax, Compliance & Payroll

Don’t overpay for professional payroll processing services and payroll tax services.

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Growth & Funding Access

We provide detailed monthly management reports with information to help your business hit performance.

A few words About Us

We've been awarded  2016 Minority Business of the Year Award by Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

At Pro-Tax, we are rooted in prompt, professional service covering a wide range of needs. That’s why we take a personalized approach for each client, to ensure they get the best and most cost-effective service possible. Thanks to our various partners, we’re proud to say we can help individuals and businesses alike with various financial, bookkeeping, translation, and virtual assistance solutions.

What We Do?


The longer you invest, the more potential your money has to compound interest. We have a strong team of accumulation experts who will help you to invest.

Risk Management

We take a comprehensive approach to fully understanding your risk management requirements. We work actively with you, on site, to support your organisation.

Business Consulting

We provide business consultations regarding all business issues. We work with small and large enterprises as well as with private entrepreneurs.


Auditing services assure your company’s with requirements of applicable laws, financial reporting standards, regulations.

Tax Planning

We will help you develop tax strategies to ensure you are paying the right amount of tax, and no more than necessary. We can help you to increase your tax efficiency. We also help negotiate tax debt with the IRS


We help organizations implement their business strategies by consulting with them to build effective organizations, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation.

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Team of Experts

All our team members are high-qualified, educated in top business schools.

Trusted Advisor

Hundreds of businesses chose us and were satisfied with the services they’ve got.

Award Winner

2016 Minority Business of the Year Award by Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

Profitable Cases

Statistics says that 95% of businesses we worked with achieved success.

What Our Clients SAY

“I own a small craft shop and I needed some help with taxes as I am a designer, not finance expert. Pro Tax helped me and now I use their services regularly”
“If you need help getting your business to flourish, Pro Tax has a host of strategic options you can use to get on track and see prosperity”
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“We help our clients take advantage of any investment – from commodities to stock exchange and insurance bonds. We are happy to work alongside Pro Tax and see them as our most trusted advisor.”
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